Indoor Vault Series

The indoor vault series is a series of meets. The final meet will be the series championship!

Each meet in the series will be worth points. How it will work is based off age groups. Per age group the number of participants will be the number of points up for grabs that meet. For example, if there are 25 participants in the women’s 15-16 age group whoever jumps the highest will receive 25 points, second highest 24 points, third highest 23 points, and so forth.

After the championship points from all previous meets will be added together and a series champion will be crowned!

Make sure you attend all of the indoor series meets for a best chance at the crown!

More meets may be added. Please watch the website for updates.

Winter Challenge

Ugly Sweater Vault

Snowball Vault

Valentine Vault

Snow Angel Vault

I️ndoor Championship Vault

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