Meet Schedule

Indoor 2023/2024

  • Star Wars Vault
  • October 28th Halloween Vault
  • November 18th Turkey-thon Vault
  • December 9th Ugly Sweater Vault
  • January 13th Snowball Vault
  • February 10th Valentine Vault

Summer Series 2023/2024

May 18, 2024 Masters and Munchkins

June 22, 2024 Camp

June 29, 2024 Tiki Vault

July 20, 2024 Kite Vault

August 3, 2024 Moon Vault


                                                Summer Club Membership Fee is $50

If you plan to go to the Summer Vault Meets with Landon Athletics, you will need to pay the above fee before the first meet on Saturday, June 29th.

If you are not a member, you will not have access to our poles. We will not pull poles for you from our inventory, load and transport them to away meets. 

Team Landon Members need to let Jerry know which poles they will need and we will transport them to the meets. 

To accommodate everything, the process takes a lot of time. Therefore, all Team Landon members will need to let Jerry know a few days before each meet, which poles you’d like for us to transport for you. 

Please be considerate that there is not enough time to pull and load poles the day of the meet.